Sindragosa 1665 Connected Players Maelstrom Q1 2022


Any user registering a GameFreedom account is obliged to read and follow the rules and guildelines

listed below, as well as the privacy policy on our website. Violation of any of them may result in an

account suspension or limitation of in-game capabilities of user’s characters.

**All paragraphs below regulate both in game and Discord activities.**

I. General Rules

1. The Administration reserves the right to modify the rules at any given time.

2. Any appeals and objections concerning punishments and decisions made by Staff Members must be reported directly to our Head Team. Decisions made by Administrators and Head Game Masters are considered final and will not be revised unless new information/evidence is provided. Staff members WILL NOT review any appeal sent via direct message in game or on Discord.

3. A Head Game Master or an Administrator may overturn a decision or a punishment dispensed by other Staff Members at any given time.

4. Any action considered malicious, harmful or immoral may be subjected to punishments even if not explicitly stated in the rules. Such situations will be treated individually.

5. Synergie Staff takes no responsibility for the loss of accounts, characters or any ingame goods. It is in the users’ best interest to ensure safety of their data by taking security precautions (such as using a strong password or 2-Factor Authentication) and not sharing their account information with anyone.

6. The Staff will not return any points spent in the donation store or trade a purchased item for a different one. Before making any purchase in our store, please read our Refund policy.

7. The e-mail address used to create an account is bound to it permanently and it cannot be changed.

II. Social

1. Posting any content which could be considered offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, sexually explicit, or discriminating in any way is not allowed in both in game and Discord channels.

2. Synergie Staff reserves the right to forcing rename on every character, guild, arena team, pet if they’d include anything from the paragraph above.

3. Impersonating member of the Administration is strictly forbidden.

4. Insulting members of our Staff, especially unprovoked will be treated seriously and punished accordingly to incident. Accusing them of any kind of corruption/abusive behavior without solid evidence will also result with consequences.

5. Posting any kind of gambling, lotteries or death rolls on public channels is not allowed.

6. English language is the only one allowed on all public channels. Continued breaking of this rule will result with a penalty.

7. It is strictly forbidden to publish other players' private data on any of public channels, both in game and Discord.

III. In Game Policies

1. Any kind of Real Money Trading (RMT) which includes gold, account and in game services is strictly forbidden and will result with suspension, depending on scale of the offense. Synergie Staff will not return any goods lost in the process.

2. Using any kind of 3rd party modification to gain advantage in game (botting, hacking etc) is not allowed. It also includes exploiting in game bugs. The only outside client modification (besides addons and morphs) players are allowed to use are Warlords of Draenor skin modifications.

3. Multiboxing is ALLOWED for max two accounts per person unless player uses any kind of software or joins arenas/BG/dungeons on more than ONE account in the given time.

4. Attempting to corrupt or intentionally deceive Staff Members to gain any advantage in game is strictly forbidden.

5. Abusing terrain to avoid being attacked by guards in neutral cities in order to kill other players is not allowed.

6. Griefing, considered as stalking one player for a prolonged time and in several zones will not be tolerated. That includes abusing any quest items to kill other players.

7. Exploiting PvP system which includes: wintrading, arena boosting for money, AFK in arena, using any battleground anti-afk prevention is strictly forbidden.

8. Advertising any other servers, services or forbidden 3rd party modifications in all chats (including /party and /whisper) or directing players to such places may be considered not allowed.

9. Scamming other players in game with gold/items or any kind of stuff is not allowed.

10. Ninja-looting items dropping from current raid tier is not allowed. Synergie Staff does not have to restore any items ninja'd but loot scammers will be punished.*

* - Cases regarding items lower than current tier will be treated individually.

IV. Miscellaneous

Synergie Staff is not obliged to share any evidence of their actions leading to execute server’s rules.

Administration does not have to share with players actions they take to others.

We are not obliged to restore any stuff lost due to random technical issues.

Synergie Staff has no obligation to restore any characters deleted by player.